Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Richmont Street Team volunteers at Richmond Craft Mafia Bada Bing show

As you probably know Richmond Craft Mafia had recently its amazing Baba Bing show in Richmond, VA. A few of Richmond Street team members volunteered to spread the word about Etsy at the show. Etsy had a separate table right at the entrance so that practically nobody could escape it. It was much fun to talk to all potential buyers and find out what they actually know and think about Etsy.
Richmond street team
It turns out Richmonders know a lot about Etsy! Most of the people who visited the show were interested in learning more about local Etsy shops which is good news for all of us! All but one person knew about Etsy and quite a few confessed that they are actually addicted to it! All the things we learned from talking to people at the show were invaluable and we had great time sharing our personal Etsy experiences!
Richmond Street Team Members
We had lists where everyone could write down her/his e-mail address and quite a few people did just that. It turns out that many people who are regular craft show visitors are Etsy buyers as well. Almost all of them shop at local shops on Etsy.
Who we are Richmond Street Team
Richmond Street team members who volunteered for the event were:
Maite Dizon
Tonya Utkina
Gina Ivey
Estelle Nicole Tyler

Posted by Tonya Utkina